UAEOnlineVisa – What Is It, Types, Fee Structure and More


What is in UAE Online Visa?

UAE Online Visa is a consistent source of offering UAE visa very quickly. We provide a UAE visa to customers with any nationality. UAE Online Visa provides a good quality visa service for the customers to visit the UAE. We have an excellent visa team dedicated to provide relaxed and fast visa service.
UAE Online Visa provides different types of UAE visa such as 7 days visa, 30 day visa, 90 day visa etc. with the cheapest rate. With UAE Online Visa you may get all the necessary inquiries of a visa. We also provide UAE visa Ok To Board service without taking any charges.

What Types of Visa you are providing?

We are offering 6 types of UAE Visa with the best rates.

7 days visa: This type of UAE visa is helpful to those people who plans their trip for a short time. You may get your 7 days visa with less documents.

14 days visa: If you are thinking about a small visit to the UAE for the purpose of meetings, seminar or vacations then 14 days visa is a better option for you than 7 days visa.

30 days visa: One can apply for 30 days visa whenever he wants to visit UAE for one month (30 days). It is also helpful for job seekers.

30 days multiple entry visa: 30 days visa is the best option for the traveler who wants multiple visits to the UAE, in one visa only, for the reason of business presentations, workshops or holidays.

90 days visa: Wish to travel to the UAE for many days? Here you may get our 90 days visa service so that you may enjoy your UAE tour with some more days in your hand.
90 days visa is valid up to 58 days from date of issue and validity time is limited up to 90 days from date of entry

90 days multiple entry visa: 90 days multiple entry visa is beneficial for visitors who is planning for long term stay in the UAE and for a multiple time. This visa is valid up to 90 days from the first entry in the UAE.

What is the Fee Structure?

All the UAE visa have a different fee structure which depends on types of visa and duration of stay in the UAE.

You will get your UAE Visa by 3 Rates:

Normal Visa: Normal visa is a good option for those visitors who does not want their UAE visa immediately. You will get your normal UAE visa with general visa procedure and reasonable rate. The normal visa processing time is 3 to 4 working days only.

Express Visa: If you have not an enough time to receive your UAE visa, then you will go with an express visa. You will get your express visa very instantly with an additional rate. You may get your express visa within 1 to 2 working days.

Urgent Visa: Want to visit the UAE very immediately? Don’t worry! We are offering you an urgent visa which would be proven very helpful for you. Urgent visa rates are quite higher than express visa. You may get your urgent visa within a day.

What are The Required Documents for The UAE Visa?

For obtaining the UAE visa you need to submit some documents that are:

  • Color scanned copy of the front and last page of the passport
  • Color scanned copy of passport size photograph taken with a white background

What are The Reasons For Visa Rejection?

Even whole procedure for the UAE visa is going in a right way, still because of certain reasons your UAE visa will be rejected.
Reason for The UAE Visa Rejection are:

  • If the visa applicant has a past criminal record in his country or in the UAE
  • If a visitor had a residence UAE visa and without its cancellation he exits the country
  • If a visa applicant has previously applied for the UAE visa and did not use it
  • If some typing mistakes was occurring in your visa application
  • If a visitor to the UAE is a female and she is under 25 years old
  • If the passport of the visitor holds unskillful occupation, such as an uneducated worker, farmer or somewhat similar
  • If a copy of the passport is not clear or your passport is handwritten
  • If a scanned photograph of the passport is blurred

What Should I Do Now?

The main aim of UAE Online Visa is to provide you ‘All types of UAE visa’ as per your requirement. You will get all types of UAE visa with cheapest price with us. Our experts will guide you in each and every single step of getting your visa in a certain time limit. We provide you the UAE visa with urgent rate that is very helpful to obtain your visa very quickly i.e. within a one day. The key highlight of our company is we offer free OTB service.
Whenever you want your UAE visa, get ready to book with us. We promise you that you will not receive any complaints from us.


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