What Exactly Should I Have To Pay for my UAE Visa?

UAE is a federation of 7 emirates that are Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, Sharjah, and Umm al-Quwain. Abu Dhabi is a capital city of the UAE. Dubai city is one of the famous city of The UAE, situated in the Arabian Desert. Today, lots of people are attracted towards The Dubai due to its awesome sight-seens, adventurous and thrilling tours.

Should I Need a Visa To Enter The UAE?

Visa is a provisional authority document granted by a county to a foreigner to enter and temporarily remain within that country. Hence, before a visit to the UAE or any country visitor must have a visa in his hand. There are various types of UAE visas available for travelers to enter The UAE, including 7 Days, 14 Days, 30 Days, 30 Days Multiple entry, 90 Days and 90 Days Multiple Entry. 3 to 4 operational days are required for processing your visa application and it is good for you to apply your visa 58 days prior to travel.
The people who are the residents of The GCC nations do not necessary to have a visa to enter The UAE. The citizens of 33 countries will obtain their visa on arrival.

What Is The Exact Fee Structure Of The UAE Visa?

All types of visa should have a distinct fee structure and it depends on the type of visa and duration of stay. By 3 different rates you should obtain your visa:

  • Normal Visa: The visitor may apply for a normal visa if he has a sufficient time. With a usual procedure you should get your normal visa and processing time is 3 to 4 days of working. The fees for a Normal Visa is less as compare to Express and Urgent.
  • Express Visa: If you want to go to The UAE very quickly, then you may go with an Express Visa. You may receive your Express Visa more rapidly with some extra fees and 1 to 2 operational days are required to process it.
  • Urgent Visa: If a visitor wish for a very quick visit to The UAE and he have not sufficient time for obtaining a visa, then no any other visa is a good option for a visitor than Urgent. In just 24 hours of working, an applicant may obtain his Urgent Visa with some extra charges.

What is ‘Ok To Borad’ (OTB)? And Why it is required?

OTB is a condition of the airline for visa confirmation. Once your visa is granted by immigration, it is necessary to send a copy of the visa to the respective airline for cross checking, after that, airline approves your air ticket and denote it with ‘Ok To Board’. Generally, Ok To Board is updated by corresponding airline sponsored and 3 days prior to travel.
Only the residents of India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka or Nepal required OTB to enter the UAE. Please note that, you cannot be permitted to enter the flight without Ok To Board.
It was noticed after some time that plenty of people used to go to The UAE with fake visa. Hence, to avoid all this bloody stuff, The Gov of UAE visa introduced OTB procedure. After completing your OTB process, the airline will send your OTB status electronically or sometimes they will call you directly before leaving the country.
Here you should get free Ok To Board service.

Final Verdict

It is expected that a different visa has a different fee structure as per its own qualities. Here, several types of UAE visas are available for you, whose fee structure is depends on the category of visa and how much time will you stay in The UAE. The fee structure is also differed by visa rating, i.e. Normal, Express and Urgent. Get your best visa to Dubai at low of cost!


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