Great Deal On Ok To Board Service

Visa is very crucial document to visit any country in the world. Therefore, it is essential for travelers to obtain their visa before travelling to The UAE. You may discover different types of UAE visa to enter The UAE, that are 7 Days, 14 Days, 30 Days, 90 Days, 30 Days Multiple Entry, 90 Days Multiple Entry. Depending on visitor’s nationality the whole visa application process can be done and it may take 3 to 4 days of operation.

Need Of Ok To Board

If you are a resident of the countries like India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh, then you require an advance visa known as Ok To Board. It is found that a lot of passengers can travel to The UAE with illegal visa. To prevent the passenger with false visa, The UAE Gov has begun Ok To Board service.
OTB is a need of an airline for your visa verification. Once you will get your true visa copy with air ticket, it is necessary for you to send that copy to the respective airline for cross checking. The airline can cross check all the details carefully and permits your visa with Ok To Board stamp. Ok To Board is usually done by the respective travel agent and if it is not done by travel agents, you can directly contact with your airline office.
Generally, the airline upgrades Ok To Board status by sending you a mail. You may also call directly to airline for knowing about OTB status.

Is There Any Time Limit For OTB To Apply?

Almost all airlines need travelers to upgrade their OTB status, at least 48 hours before departure of the flight. So that to eliminate last-minute misunderstanding, it is necessary for you to provide all the necessary documents at least 3 days before the planned visit to the UAE for updating of your visa with OTB status.

What Happened If Ok To Board Has Not Been Approved?

Always keep in mind that, in the absence of Ok To Board status, your airline cannot give you permission to enter the flight. In a very few cases, the airline allows you to board the flight by taking some cancellation fees from you.

Last Words

If you are a citizen of India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka or Nepal, you need Ok To Board to enter into The UAE. UAE Online Visa will helps you to get an Ok To Board service with free of cost. It is necessary for a traveler to apply OTB 3 days prior to travel.
Get a free Ok To Board service and save your money!


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