Best Time To Visit The UAE

The United Arab Emirates is a wonderful destination famous for tourism. Nowadays a lot of tourists attract towards The UAE because of its wonderful landscapes, stylish architectures, luxury hotels and shopping malls. The Abu Dhabi and Dubai are the most famous cities in The UAE for tourism. Dubai city has a modern buildings, shopping centers, stylish hotels and more attractive things. Dubai is one of the leading sporting centers in the globe. The Burj Khalifa is the tallest skyscraper in The Dubai, which is 829.8m of height. Abu Dhabi is the Capital City of The UAE contains more than 200 islands and greater than 400 km of pristine coastline.

Best Time For A Holiday

A great holiday to The UAE points towards the shopping malls, modish hotels, deserts and sand. The best time to visit The UAE is during its winter months, from November to April, when all the climate is cooler and pleasing and suited for all types of activities. During the winter months the temperature down up to 15 to 20 degrees. This pleasant climate allows travelers to enjoy a lot of activities including camping, desert safaris, camel riding, quad biking, relaxing on sand of desert and more. During the winter months, a lot of festivals are on their ways like shopping festivals, Diwali festival, new year celebrations, etc in The UAE. Therefore, you have a chance to make your holiday more special and memorable.

UAE Visa

Of course, to visit The UAE, you must have to get your Dubai Visa. The UAE Online Visa brings a 6 kind of Dubai visa for you including 7 Days visa, 14 Days visa, 30 Days visa, 90 Days visa, 30 Days Multiple Entry visa and 90 Days Multiple Entry visa. Dubai visa fees depend on its type and how earlier you want your visa. The UAE visa obtaining process is generally depends on residency of an applicant and it may take 3 to 4 days of operations to complete.
The people who are living in The GCC countries, do not require to get their visa to enter The UAE. 33 countries residents can receive their Dubai visa.
Please keep in mind that, it is beneficial for all the UAE visitors to apply for visa 58 days prior to travel.

Need Of Ok To Board

The native peoples of Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India and Nepal necessary to apply for Ok To Board. The OTB is a condition of an airline for confirmation of your Dubai Visa. The respective UAE Visa sponsor usually sends you a legal visa copy with our air ticket. After that you have to your visa copy to the particular airline. The airline verifies all the details of your visa and grants it with Ok To Board stamp.
The UAE Government realizes that a number of individuals visit to The UAE by carrying bogus visa. Hence, to overcome this problem they started Ok To Board service. In case of your visa is not updated with Ok To Board, the airline may deny your entry to the flight. In some cases the airline allows you to enter the flight by accepting a cancellation fee from you.

My suggestions

As per given above, The United Arab Emirates in the great destinations to enjoy your vacations because of its wonderful and stunning attractions. November to April is the suitable time to visit The UAE to making your vacations unforgettable. It is necessary for you to obtain Dubai Visa prior to travel. The UAE Online Visa gives you 6 types of visa with free OK To Board service.
Don’t miss this chance and visit UAE Online Visa


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