Do Not Pay Too Much Money For Your Dubai Visa

The UAE Online Visa is one of the most leading Dubai visa supplier throughout the globe. They propose a competent and great quality visa service to you. They bring different varieties of Dubai visa to visit to The Dubai with less price. The UAE Online Visa has a faithful team of visa developer which gives you guarantee that they develop your visa within a time and guide you at each single step of your visa development procedure.

Dubai Visa

It is compulsory for each Dubai visitor that he must have to get his visa to Dubai before the date of travelling. To enter The Dubai there are various options of visas are available for you and Dubai visa fees depend on its type. You may apply for any visa as per your fitness. All the visa formation process primarily depends on your nationality and it may take 3 to 4 days of working to finish whole procedure.
The individual who belongs to The GCC countries, no need to obtain their Dubai visa to enter the country and the people who live in any of 33 countries may get their visa on arrival.
Note: Please apply for your Dubai visa 58 days before date of travelling.

Types of Dubai Visa

  • There are 6 types of visas are available for you as follows
    7 Days Visa: Want a very short visit to The Dubai? 7 Days visa is available for you. With 7 Days visa you may enjoy your mini trip to The Dubai.
  • 14 Days Visa: Are you looking for a small trip to The UAE to take a part in exhibition, competitions, seminar or to enjoy short vacations? You may select our 14 Days visa.
  • 30 Days Visa: 30 Days visa is helpful for those travelers who want to stay in The Dubai for a long period to enjoy holidays or to finish their business work.
  • 90 Days Visa: If an applicant wish for an extended stay in The Dubai to spend a great time with your loved ones, then no any other visa is better than 90 Days visa.
  • 30 Days Multiple Entry Visa: This visa allows you to enter The Dubai for multiple times to complete your important business related work.
  • 90 Days Multiple Entry Visa: This category of visa is profitable for those people who are arranging their Dubai trip for a long and multiple times.

Steps to obtain Dubai Visa

To get your Dubai visa, you have to follow the following steps carefully:
Fill up visa application form: UAE Online Visa provides you an online application form. Fill it accurately and submit.

  • Submit Documents: You have to submit the following documents to obtain your Dubai visa
    Color scanned passport copy
    Color scanned passport size photograph with a white background
  • Make a payment: After submitting all the documents, you have to make a your payment on time via bank transfer mode.
  • Get your visa: Whenever whole visa development process will finish, your Dubai visa agent sends your visa through email

Ok To Board Service

The native people of Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal or India necessary to update their Dubai visa with Ok To Board status. Ok To Board service is initiated by The UAE government to block the entry of fake visitors into the country. Whenever you got your Dubai visa from your visa agent, it is necessary for you to send it to specific airline for verification. The airline verifies your visa again and update it with OTB stamp.
The UAE Online Visa offers you a FREE OK TO BAORD SERVICE

My Finding

It is mandatory for all the Dubai travelers to get their visa to Dubai prior to travel. To receive your Dubai visa you have to submit all the needed documents and pay Dubai visa fees on time. The UAE Online Visa brings 6 choices of visa for you to enter The Dubai with the cheapest cost. Also, they offer you the best quality Ok To Board service with Free of cost.
Save your money with FREE OK TO BAORD facility of UAE Online Visa!


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