UAE Online Visa – You’ll Love The Way We Fly

The United Arab Emirates is one of the most stunning tourist places in the world. The UAE is a very quickly developing country. The country consists of a number of tourist attractions like stunning deserts, marvelous shopping centers, remarkable modish hotels, huge modern buildings and so on. The most famous attraction is ‘The Burj Khalifa’ the world’s biggest tower of height 830m. Also, the country consists of more than 200 man-made Islands.
To visit The UAE, the first step is to get your visa. The UAE Online Visa offers you a distinct category of visa to visit the country.

UAE Online Visa

The UAE Online Visa is an easy way to receive your UAE visa. They give you a different type of Dubai visa to enter into The UAE and depending on it your Dubai visa fees varies. The UAE Online Visa has a competent visa team gives you fast visa service. All the visa creation procedure differs by your residency. The GCC nation residents do not necessary to apply for Dubai visa and visitors from 33 nations can receive their visa on arrival. The UAE Online Visa creates your visa to Dubai within a 3 to 4 days of working.

Types Of UAE Visa

Here you may detect 6 varieties of visa:

  • 7 Days: If you wish for a very short trip to The UAE, then this category is helpful for you.
  • 14 Days: Want to visit The UAE for 2 weeks to take a part in event, competition, business meetings or vacation purpose? You may go with our 14 Days visa
  • 30 Days: This type of UAE visa is a good option to select, if you are thinking about a long stay in The UAE to meet your buddies or relatives.
  • 90 Days: The 90 Days UAE visa is the perfect option for one who want to enjoy a big visit to The UAE.
  • 30 Days Multiple Entry: If you wish for a multiple visits to The UAE in the duration of 1 month, then this category is useful for you
  • 90 Days Multiple Entry: This kind of visa is a proper way to apply, if you are planning for many entries into The UAE for a very long time.

Ok To Board

Ok To Board is a compulsion of an airline to permit your UAE entry. Ok To Board service is applicable only for residents of Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka or Nepal. It is necessary for these countries people to send their valid visa copy to the particular airline for authenticate visa. After the completion of visa authentication, the airline grants it with Ok To Board status.
Please keep in mind that, without updating your visa with Ok To Board status, the team of the respective airline strictly denies your entry into the flight. In very few situations, they gives you permission to enter the flight by accepting some cancellation charges from you.

Final Words

UAE Online Visa is trusted source to apply for your visa to The UAE. They offer you all categories of visa with the cheapest price. They provide you very quick and professional visa service and helps you at every step of your visa creation process. If you have a nationality of India, Nepal, Sri Lanka or Bagnladesh, then you have to request for Ok To Board whenever you got your valid visa copy. UAE Online Visa gives you one amazing facility, i.e. they provide you a FREE OK TO BOARD SERVICE.
If you are really looking for quick visa service, please visit


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