The Best New Ways to Book Your UAE Online Visa

About UAE

The United Arab Emirates is one of the most developed nations throughout the globe. The country is located at eastern boundary of Arabian headland. The UAE is a union of 7 regions such as Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, and Umm al-Qaiwain. The UAE is mostly famous for tourism due to its stylish buildings, lavish hotels, wonderful deserts, huge shopping malls, spectacular landscapes etc. The United Arab Emirates is also important country of business.

About UAE Visa

Visa is the most essential document necessary for all foreign visitors to visit any nation in the world. Therefore it is very important for you to receive your UAE visa to enter the country. The UAE Online visa gives you all category of Dubai visa and Dubai visa fees depends on type All the visa application process is generally belongs to your residency i.e. if your nationality belongs to GCC nations, then it is not required for you to get your visa to Dubai and the people of 33 nations may get their visa on arrival. It may take 3 to 4 days of to complete your whole visa application procedure.

Types of UAE Visa

With UAE Online Visa you should get 6 types of UAE visa in which 4 are Single Entry Visa and 2 are Multiple Entry Visa

  • Single Entry Visa
       7 Days: If you are thinking about to visit The UAE for a very few days i.e. 1 week only, then this category is the correct option for you
    14 Days: 14 days visa is the best option for those visitors who want to spend a short time in The UAE
    30 Days: Want to travel to the UAE for many days i.e. for 1 month? 30 Days visa is appropriate for you. This category of visa is also applicable for job seekers.
    90 Days: Are you planning for visit the UAE for an extended period? The UAE Online Visa offers you 90 Days visa for your extended visit.
  • Multiple Entry Visa
    30 Days Multiple Entry: This type of UAE visa allows you to enter The UAE for multiple times in the period of 30 days. Validity of this visa is 30 days from your 1st UAE visit.
    90 Days Multiple Entry: Like 30 Days Multiple Entry Visa, this visa also allows you to visit The UAE for many times in the period of 90 days and it is valid for 90 days from your first entry into the UAE.

Significant Documents

All type of visas requires certain kind of documents to complete the visa application process. The following are important documents that you have to submit.

  • Color scanned copy of your passport size photo (taken with a white background)
  • Color scanned copy of your passport

How To Get Your Visa

Receiving your UAE Online Visa is not a tough process. Just follow the following 3 easy steps and get your visa

  • Carefully Fill up the online visa application form
  • Please submit all the required documents and pay all the visa fees on time by using Bank Transfer Mode
  • Get your UAE Visa via email

About OK To Board Service

Ok To Board is very essential process applicable for people that belongs to Nepal, India, Sri Lanka or Bangladesh. The Gov of United Arab Emirates start Ok To Board service because they observed that many peoples are visiting to the UAE by carrying bogus visa. Therefore, it is required for visitors to send their copy of UAE visa to the particular airline for verification. After receiving your valid visa copy, the airline cross check all the information and update it with Ok To Board stamp.
Please keep in mind that the airline allows you to enter the flight only if your visa is update with OK To Board.

Final Words

Visa is very important for you to enter the any country. Therefore you must apply for your Dubai Visa prior to visit. It is helpful for you to apply for your visa at least 58 days before travel. The UAE Online Visa provides you 6 varieties of visa with the fewer amounts.
Select your right UAE visa and enjoy tension free UAE trip!


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