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About UAE Online Visa

The UAE Online Visa is one of the most supreme Dubai visa supplier in the world. They offer you a professional and transcendence visa service and create your visa within a specific time. The UAE Online Visa has an expert visa team gives you a dispute free visa service. Here you should find all the obligatory details about Dubai Visa like types of UAE visa, Ok To Board service, how to request for a visa and many more. You may also find a fast inquiry of any info regarding UAE visa.

Need Of UAE Visa

A visa is a document acknowledged to foreigners to visit or temporarily rest within any country throughout the globe. Therefore, you must require a visa to Dubai prior to visit the country. UAE Online Visa gives you several kinds of visas with low price. According to types of visa and how quick you want it, your Dubai visa fees depend. Your visa formation process almost depends on your residency and generally it may take 3 to 4 working days to finish.
The people of The GCC regions do not have to request their Dubai Visa and people of 33 regions will pick up their visa on entrance to the airport. It is convenient for you to demand for your visa before 58 days of travel.

Types Of Dubai Visa

There are 6 alternatives of visas are applicable for you to visit The UAE.

  • 7 Days: This type of visa is favorable for those people who are planning a very little visit to The UAE. You will acquire your 7 Days visa with less documents and procedures.
  • 14 Days: If a visitor is thinking about a mini trip to The UAE i.e. for 2 weeks for office meetings, conferences, competitions or a small holiday, then he may call for 14 Days visa.
  • 30 Days: Looking for the right visa to travel to The UAE for long period i.e. for one month? Here, you may find 30 Days visa.
  • 90 Days: Want to visit to the UAE for an extended period to spend a great time with your buddies/family? 90 Days visa is appropriate for you.
  • 30 Days Multiple Entry: With 30 Days Multiple Entry UAE visa you have a chance to visit The UAE for more times in the period of 30 days.
  • 90 Days Multiple Entry: With 90 Days Multiple Entry UAE visa you have a chance to visit The UAE for more times in the period of 90 days.

Fee Structure For UAE Visa

According to category of visa and in how many days you need your visa, your Dubai Visa Fees is different. You should get your visa by 3 rates.

  • Normal Visa: You may call for a Normal visa if you have no any urgency to get your visa. The Normal Visa creation procedure can finish within a 3 to 4 days of operation. Fees for Normal Visa are smaller than Express and Urgent Visa.
  • Express Visa: If you want immediate UAE visit, then Express Dubai visa is accessible for you. With Express Dubai Visa you will take your visa in just 48 hours with some extra rates.
  • Urgent visa: Do you really require to travel to The UAE very urgently? Don’t worry, gives an Urgent Dubai Visa for you. This category of visa is really very favorable for those people who want to go to The UAE instantly.

Ok To Board

Ok To Board is a method of identification of your Dubai Visa. The Ok To Board is imperative for the locals of Sri Lanka, India, Nepal and Bangladesh. The UAE immigration identified that the persons of these regions were travelling to The UAE, with unauthorized visa and it was not secure for the country. Therefore, to skip the entry of bogus passengers, The UAE Gov started an Ok To Board service.
Once you got your valid UAE visa, you must send it to the airline and after the identification of your visa, the airline approves it with Ok To Board stamp. Without OTB signature you do not board your flight.

End Result

If you wish to enter The UAE, then obtaining a visa is must require. With UAE Online Visa, you will discover 6 choices of UAE visa and you may call for any visa as per your expectations. They also offer you 3 payment categories to obtain your visa. Here, you will take an advantage of FREE OK TO BOARD SERVICE.
Experience the best quality service with!


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