Super Tips To Get Your Dubai Visa

Dubai Visa

Visa is a prime document restricted for each foreigner to enter or stay for a few days within any country in the world. Hence, it is imperative for every visitor to The UAE to receive their visa to Dubai. There are different kinds of visa are workable for you. The visa application method normally differs by applicant’s nationality. The vacationers who belong to Gulf Cooperation Council nations does not need to receive their visa to Dubai and the vacationers who belongs to 33 nations should receive their visa whenever they reach at the airport. Normally, in 3 to 4 days of working you may acquire your visa.

Types Of UAE Visa

With UAE Online Visa you may demand for 2 different types of visa. Dubai visa fees mainly depend on type of visa.

Single Entry Visa: This category of visa is useful for those people who want to enter The UAE for a single time only.

  • 7 Days
  • 14 Days
  • 30 Days
  • 90 Days

Multiple Entry Visa: This category of visa is useful for those people who want to enter The UAE for multiple times.

  • 30 Days Multiple Entry
  • 90 Days Multiple Entry

Fees Structure

The fee structure for Dubai visa is divided into 3 categories according to how quick you want your visa

  • Normal Visa: The applicants may select this type of visa if they have sufficient time to receive their visa. Within 3 to 4 working days applicants should get their Normal visa with less price.
  • Expess Visa: This category of visa is efficient for one who desire to travel to The UAE quickly. in just 48 hours of working You will receive your Express Dubai Visa. You have to pay some extra fees to obtain Express visa.
  • Urgent Visa: This kind of visa is applied by those people who have not a time to get their visa and wish to visit The UAE very urgently. Within 24 hours of operation applicants may get their Urgent Dubai visa in by paying some additional rates.

Important Documents

It is the responsibility of each visa applicant to provide important documents to receive a Dubai visa.

  • Color scanned print of passport size photograph
  • Color scanned print of first and last page of your passport

Ok To Board Service

The locals of Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh or India need to apply for an advance Dubai visa i.e. Ok To Board. The Gov of The UAE decided to start an Ok To Board service as they realized that a lot of visitors from above 4 nations traveled with false visa. To obtain an OTB status on your visa to Dubai, you must have to give a true visa print to the respective airline for authentication. The airline identifies all your info on your visa and acknowledge it with Ok To Board.
Note: In the event of Ok To Board is not updated on your visa, the officers of an airline block your flight entry. In a very rare condition they approve your flight entry by accepting some cancellation charges from you.

My Sentences

The UAE Online Visa is a reliable Dubai visa supplier to get your Dubai Visa in a simple way. They furnish you a proficient visa service and made your visa within a time. The UAE Online Visa has an experienced visa development team, which guide you in all the stages of the visa obtaining process. Here, you may demand for 2 types of Dubai visa as per your suitability. The UAE Online Visa updates your visa with Ok To Board status without taking any fees.


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