Little Known Ways To Obtain A Visa To Dubai

Every individual across the globe must necessary a ‘Visa’ to travel to any nation. Therefore, each vacationer to Dubai should have to acquire his Dubai visa before visit the country.
Are you really going to the Dubai for the 1st time? Don’t be worried, UAE Online Visa is available to support you. They deliver you each and every needful info regarding the Dubai visa and assist you in each single phase of the visa acquiring process. The UAE Online Visa supplies a remarkable visa service. They furnish you distinctive sorts of visa with the best rates. Within 3 to 4 days of functions, You may receive your visa.
Generally, the visa application process based on the holder’s residency. If a residency of a visa holder  belongs to Gulf Cooperation Council regions, then he does not require to obtain his visa to Dubai and if a residency of a visa holder any of 33 nations, then he may obtain his visa on arrival.

General Info About Dubai Visa

Types Of Dubai Visa

The UAE Online Visa regularly delivers the 6 types of UAE visa to visit the nation.

  • 7 Days: You may apply for this sort of visa for your short Dubai journey.
  • 14 Days: 14 Days visa is an appropriate option for you, If you wish to enter to The UAE for 2 weeks.
  • 30 Days: If vacationers desire to enjoy their Dubai trip for one month, then you may choose 30 days visa.
  • 90 Days: 90 Days Dubai visa is available for those people who desire to spend a very long time with their loved ones.
  • 30 Days Multiple Entry: 30 days multiple entry visa is the best option for those vacationers who  would like to visit Dubai for numerous times in the period of 30 days.
  • 90 Days Multiple Entry: 90 days multiple entry visa is the best option for those vacationers who  would like to visit Dubai for numerous times in the period of 90 days.

Document Required

The acquire your visa, it is restricted for you to provide the required documents

  • Submit a clear copy  of your passport
  • Submit a clear copy of your passport size photograph

Essential Note

  • You must have to provide 6 moths valid passport.
  • Your photograph should be taken with the white background and having 4.3 × 5.5 cm size.
  • Your photograph  must have a 80% of visibility.
  • The handwritten passport copy is not allowed.

Need Of Ok To Board

The ‘Ok To Board’ is a strategy of recognition of your visa to Dubai. It is only limited to the travelers which have a nationality of Bangladesh, India, Nepal or Sri Lanka. The authority of The United Arab Emirates discovered that numerous tourists from these places traveled to the country with a false visa so that to prevent the access of visitors with false visa, they announced Ok To board service.
To acquire an OTB stamp on your visa, you simply have to send a legitimate visa copy to the airline. The airline recheck your information and allow your visa with OTB status.
Please understand that without Ok To Board status, the airline staff cannot enable you to board the flight.

Final Result

The UAE Online Visa is amongst the most talented visa suppliers on the globe. Along with them, you can acquire separate varieties of visas to enter Dubai. They also deliver the best Ok To Board service for you without receiving any kind of expenses. It is advisable to that please ask for your visa minimum 58 days prior your date of journey, it is definitely good for you.


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