UAE Online Visa – A Smart Dubai Visa Supplier

UAE Online Visa is one of the best visa service providers that offer 6 types of Dubai visas with a different fee structure. The entire visa formation process is depends on the country that you belong. Please apply for your Dubai visa at least 58 days before to travel and it will helpful for you. The GCC nation’s citizens and 33 nations people do not require to requests for their Dubai visa they will obtain their visa to Dubai on arrival. The visa application process may take 3 to 4 days to complete.

Types Of Visas In Dubai 

There are 6 types of VisaS in Dubai  that is categories between Single Entry Visa and Multiple Entry Visa

Single Entry Visa consists of:

  • 7 days visa
  • 14 days visa
  • 30 days visa
  • 90 days visa

Multiple Entry Visa consists of:

  • 30 days multiple entry visa
  • 90 days multiple entry visa


The applicant has to submit the following essential documents:

  • Photo- color scanned copy of passport size photo
  • Passport- color scanned passport size photograph print taken with a white background

How to apply

In just three easy steps, the applicant will get their visa

  • Fill up the application form online: The applicants have to fill up the online application form carefully.
  • Submit document and make payment: The applicants have to submit the required documents and make payment via Bank Transfer mode.
  • Get your Dubai visa: After the visa develop a procedure, the applicant will get their Dubai visa via email

Ok To Board

If the applicant belongs to the countries like Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, India or Nepal, then it is mandatory to be verified by the respective airline before boarding airline. Ok To Board is a prerequisite of an airline to confirm your UAE visa. In ok to board process, an airline can verify your UAE visa and update it with Ok To Board status. helps customers to get their UAE visa and Ok To Board done within time.
Note: Without having a stamp of Ok To Board on your visa, you will not allow to board the flight


If you are planning to Dubai vacations, then obtaining a visa is a compulsory. UAE Online Visa offers you 2 types of UAE visa i.e., Single Entry and Multiple Entry with the minimal costs. The residents of Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, India and Nepal must have to get their UAE visa with Ok To Board status. The UAE Online Visa gives you an OTB service at FREE OF COST.
Get a reliable and convenient visa service with!


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