Why Everyone Is Talking About UAE Online Visa?

The UAE Online Visa offers 6 types of visas and all have the different fee structure. The entire visa verification process is mainly depends on the country that you belong. You have to apply for Dubai visa at least 58 days prior to enter Dubai. The people of the GCC nations does not require to requests for Dubai visa and people from 33 nations can obtain their visa to Dubai on arrival. The visa application process may take 3 to 4 days of working.

Gives Various Visas With Budget Price

There are 6 types of visa which is classified as Single Entry Visa and Multiple Entry Visa with the applicant budget.

Single Entry Visa includes

  • 7 Days Visa
  • 14 Days Visa
  • 30 Days Visa
  • 90 Days Visa

Multiple Entry Visa includes

  • 30 Days Multiple Entry Visa
  • 90 Days Multiple Entry Visa

Due To Incredible Fee Structure

Here is the visa dubai fees structure about Dubai visa provided by UAE Online Visa

  • Normal Visa: In this type of visa, the applicant can obtain their visa in 3 to 4 days of working.
  • Express Visa: This is a perfect option for those, who wants to enter Dubai in 2 to 3 days. The applicant will get their visa in 1 to 2 days of working and you have to pay some extra amount.
  • Urgent Visa: This type of visa is applicable to the person who have an urgency of getting visa. In just 24 hrs, they can obtain their visa with additional charges.

Easy Mode of Applying For Visa With Less Documents

Here, the applicant will get a clear idea about what kind of documents are required before applying for Dubai visa.

  • The applicant’s color scanned passport print (6 months of validity)
  • The applicant’s color scanned copy of passport size photo with a white background

To obtain the visa, you have to follow 3 simple steps that are given below:

  • Fill Up Application Form: It is mandatory to fill up an online application form carefully and submit it.
  • Provide Essential Documents: After submitting the application form you have to provide all the important documents and make visa payment within a time via Bank transfer mode.
  • Get Your UAE Visa: Once the visa procedure gets complete, you will get your UAE visa copy from the agent via email.

Offers Free Ok To Board Service

Ok To Board is a visa verification and mainly conducted by airline service. The airline mandates to update the ok to board stamp on your visa to enter Dubai. If you are a citizen of Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, India or Nepal, then you must request for Ok To Board service. Airline team verifies your UAE visa details and approve it with Ok To Board stamp. Here, the applicant will get a Free Ok To Board Service provided by UAE Online Visa.

Thus Everyone Is Taking About UAEOnlineVisa.com

Visa is an essential document to enter any country. Basically, when you plan to travel in Dubai, you have to carry a visa. UAEOnlineVisa.com provides a fantastic visa service with the passengers budget. The Information regarding the types of visa, mandatory documents and visa application process, status of application helps the applicant to get the update of the visa process. As UAE Immigration opens from Sunday to Thursday, it will take 2 to 3 days to get complete the visa process.
If you have any kind of queries, get connected with UAEOnlineVisa.com, their expert visa team will assist you!


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