Best Restaurants in Dubai

When it comes to cuisine, Dubai is almost too exotic to imagine.
There are restaurants serving virtually every national cuisine from around the world, including many specializing in Dubai’s own Arabic charm. Here, each restaurant showcase is not simply somewhere to eat, but a destination for amazing décor, astonishing views and unforgettable culinary experiences.


Cuisine: Seafood
NATHAN brings his luxuriously laid-back approach. When you visit there, you can notice one thing restaurant is not underwater and neither is the ‘submarine’ but takes you the real feel. It is an extraordinary experience dining within the vast aquarium that sets the scene for Nathan Outlaw Al Mahara. Here, you can taste British chef’s dishes with the flavours of the finest ingredients.


Cuisine: Modern Asian
The atmosphere at Eauzone is casual during the day and One&Only Royal Mirage and the lazy sea beyond. After sunset, however, this venue smartens up. The restaurant is beautifully positioned around the pool, giving the impression that it is floating on the crystalline water.

Cuisine: Traditional Arabian
Al Shams Resort is a 60 minute drive from Dubai airport and it’s surrounded by sand dunes, giving the image of an isolated spring. At the time of dine, the guest can entertained by actors riding horses and acting out swordplay, with belly dancers and henna artists keeping families entertained for hours.

Cuisine: Modern Chinese
The restaurant has an Award winning chefs and they pride themselves on innovating new dishes that blend modern Western presentation with old Chinese flavors. You can feel the atmosphere of ancient simplicity while maintain views of the Burj Al Arab and the Gulf beyond.

Each restaurant featured here is not simply somewhere to eat, but a destination for stunning décor, amazing views and unforgettable culinary experiences.
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