More On Ok To Board

Did you know that you can now get your Dubai Visa and cost-effective services like ‘OK to Board’ at Oh, but first, do you know all about OK to Board? Read here to know more.

Before travelling to UAE, the Indian citizens need more than just a visa. It’s the ‘OK to Board’ – an airline requirement, without that no Indian passenger can allow to board the flight to UAE. There are many doubts, queries and misconceptions about OK to Board among Indian travellers. Thus, here we make short note all the relevant information about OK to Board to provide detail info on this subject.

What Is An OK To Board?

Once you receive a valid UAE visa after applying for a UAE Visa, you have to send your visa copy to the airline you have booked your UAE flight ticket with. After rechecking your UAE visa, the airline approves your ticket and marks your flight PNR as OK to Board.

Why Is OK To Board So Important?

Due to an increase in bogus visa holders to UAE, many passengers were deported back to their home country in the past. So, to minimize the fake visa issues, airlines flying to Dubai and the sponsors started verifying the traveller’s UAE Visa and the return airline ticket before the departure to UAE.

Important Information:

All OK to Board requests must be processed at least 24 hours ahead of departure.
In the case in which you’ve booked up a one-way ticket, keep in mind that a copy of both a departure ticket and a return ticket are needed for Ok to Board acceptance.
Please submit a PNG, GIF, JPG, JPEG or PDF file of up to 1MB. A max of 2 files can be uploaded.
You can attach up to two documents, with a maximum size of 1MB per document.

How You Can Obtain OK To Board?

You can simply connect with, the well-known Dubai Visa agent. You have to submit all the required documents to applying for your UAE Visa along with OK to Board. For that you have to submit all the required documents & once approved, your visa copy along with your return flight tickets will be sent directly to the respective airline to get OK To Board on your PNR. The airline will verify your visa and flight tickets and issue OK to Board on your PNR. With UAE Online Visa, you can have Ok To Board service at free of charge.


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