New Year Celebration 2017 – Dubai Style

New Year’s celebrations in Dubai are always unique & exciting. If you are planning to get into our Emirate over the vacation period, there are numerous ideas to welcome in 2017.
Dubai has long been called a top-notch global destination for New Year’s Eve celebrations. In 2014, it cracked the world-record for the biggest and longest fireworks showcase, and offers underway to make this year’s celebrations a lot more exciting. With multiple fireworks displays and celebratory activities taking place during the Emirate, your 2017 is going to be off to an action-packed and pleasing start whether or not you’re celebrating with friends or family.

There are some more days to go before New Year 2017 comes knocking on our doorways. As one year ends and another starts, people all around the world celebrate and feel thankful for living 365 days of trials and triumphs, of challenges and successes.
Here are different ways to see this grand spectacle and to celebrate New Year 2017 in Dubai style

Throw a house party

If you want to make it private with the people you love at a place entirely yours, a New Year party at your home is perfect. You can opt to prepare food for anyone or ask your guests to bring a food or two to share. You and your beloved can toast to the year ahead as you watch the fireworks show on TV.

Observe the fireworks at Burj Khalifa

Don’t skip the New Year’s celebrations at the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa, as it offers this annual spectacle which is sure to make audiences breathless in awe and wonder again. Make sure to head down to Downtown Dubai before 8 PM to get yourself a good spot.

Cruise around Palm Jumeirah.

Invite your buddies to a New Year party on a splendid yacht charter Dubai, and sail the seas in time to see the record-breaking fireworks display at the stroke of midnight. Dubai will surely top its earlier achievement for the world’s biggest and longest fireworks display around the incredible man-made Palm Jumeirah Island and all its attributes like the charming Atlantis The Palm. Take the front seat from a yacht as it is announced.

No matter how you celebrate the New Year — whether or not you’re partying with Pharrell or exploring on a fantastic yacht charter Dubai or eating with friends at home — the most important thing is you keep it happy and meaningful. You lived 2016, and you deserve to have a fantastic 2017 ahead.
Happy New Year!


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